Raising a Special Child Guide

Raising a child with a disability is a journey filled with ups and downs.  The
blessings that come when you see your child reach a goal, make a milestone
or claim a breakthrough are humbling.  At the same time, day-to-day
parenting can be tiring, overwhelming and frustrating.  The good news is,
youre not alone.

The mission of Florida Crossroads is to provide you with a publication that is
informative, inspiring and creates a inclusive environment of support,
understanding and acceptance.  As parents, we all want to raise a child who is
able to reach their full potential.  As a magazine, we want to give you the tools,
encouragement and confidence to do it.  Think of Florida Crossroads as a place
where special needs families meet life-changing opportunities. Whether it is an
informative article about a cutting-edge therapy or the inspiring story of an
everyday hero, Florida Crossroads is committed to helping you find the right
path for your child.

We want to give you the chance to provide input and feedback on how we can

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